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Boğatepe Environment and Life Association Has Been Visited in Kars

Boğatepe Environment and Life Association was visited by IstasyonTEDU and Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF) under the umbrella of the Turkish Social Entrepreneurship Network (TSEN) between 22-24 July 2022.

Boğatepe Environment and Life Association was established in 2000 to revive village life in Boğatepe Village of Kars. 'Solidarity Tourism' activities, which were carried out under the leadership of the association, ensured the socio-economic empowerment of the villagers, especially women, and initiated the reverse migration process.

The example of the Boğatepe Village shows that in order to establish a successful governance, cooperation and impact model, it is necessary to create a social capital that fully internalizes the social context, needs and opportunities. The governance practices of the Association was included in the "Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey" Research Report prepared by TSEN as a good practice. Click this link for further information about the association.

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