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Time To Act in Türkiye:Impact Measurement and Management Summit Has Been Held

The "Time to Act in Turkey: Impact Measurement and Management Summit," organized by TED University and the Impact Investment Advisory Board (EYDK), took place on September 11-12, 2023 at TED University.

The summit emphasized the importance of impact measurement and management in the transition to the impact economy and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The panels held at the summit discussed various standards and frameworks in impact measurement and management, social value, Social Return on Investment (SROI), the use of SDG impact standards in impact management, and deriving insights from data for impact.

During the summit, the Turkish version of the course titled "Impact Measurement and Management for

Sustainable Development Goals" was launched. The course was developed in collaboration with Social Value Turkey, UNDP SDG Impact, Duke University, and Etkiyap under the leadership of Koç University's Social Impact Forum.

For more detailed information about the summit, you can click here.



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