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Bridges 4 Impact

Bridges 4 Impact (B4I) Project is funded within the framework of the Euclid Network's PeerEx Program to facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge among its members. B4I Project aims to  the needs and the current state of social enterprises in their impact management practices. 

The purpose of the project was twofold. During the course of this exchange, IstasyonTEDU and Reach for Change aimed to find out the needs and the current status of social enterprises in their impact measurement and management practices. Longterm, the project aims to provide networking and peer learning opportunities for social enterprises in IstasyonTEDU's and Reach for Exchange's networks.

In the scope of the project an online and interactive workshop is organised with the participation of 12 social enterprises based in Türkiye, Ghana, Ethiopia and Belgium working in the field of education  to discuss and exchange experiences on the following topics:

• What are the needs of entrepreneurs in terms of impact measurement and management?
• What challenges do they face when measuring social impact?
• What coping mechanisms do they use to overcome these challenges?
• What approaches, tools and methodologies do they use to manage their impact?


As a project output, a report including approaches, tools and methodologies that social enterprises working in the field of education use and suggestions for effective social impact management for social entrepreneurs, funders and support organizations were prepared and published as an open source.


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