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Hubs Exchange Programme

British Council brings together international networks and local platforms to create new connections and opportunities with Creative Hubs Exchange Programme. The conveners of Creative Hubs benefit from the experiences of other creative hubs and share information about their business models, world views, values, stories and projects.

Creative Hubs might take quite different forms: temporary to permanent, digital to physical, local to global. They might be makerspaces, incubators, labs, hackerspaces; they could be temporary, permanent, digital or physical. But they share some common characteristics. They allow inventive and imaginative people to share workspace and access experience, tools and investment. They tend to be made from the ground up, be located in specific communities, work with egalitarian principles and be designed to create collaborations between people from different backgrounds and disciplines.

As of November 2016, under the programme, 3 Turkey based creative hub and 3 creative hub from United Kingdom exchanged views and new ideas on topics of programming, community building and information sharing.

-IstasyonTEDU TED University Social Innovation Center and FuseBox Brighton
-Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Creative Industries Application and Research Center and The Studio Loughborough University
-PACE Children Art Center and Impact Hub Birmingham

With the Creative Hubs Network, British Council value “hubs” as key collaborators and try to connect other hubs conveners while highlighting good practices.

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