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A Presentation on ‘Social Innovation’ Was Delivered at The Creathon

The Creathon: Content Development Marathon for Next-Generation Cultural Spaces was organized by the Konya Social Innovation Agency on September 7-8, 2023. The marathon aimed to enhance the

interdisciplinary research, design thinking, and impact-driven idea development skills of young individuals. During the marathon, 17 teams and 60 young participants worked for 36 hours to create projects related to content, design, architectural planning, and space design for next-generation cultural


Before the marathon began, inspirational presentations were given by field experts on various topics such as urban planning, cultural landscapes, and digital technologies, as well as memory spaces. Elif Muratoğlu, the Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator at İstasyonTEDU, delivered a presentation titled 'Social Innovation' focusing on the fundamentals of social innovation with a focus on urban social innovation.



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