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Creative Research Program(CREP-YAP)

We have been working since December 2021 in order to design research in partnership with Puruli Kültür organizing the Accessible Film Festival (EFF) with an interdisciplinary team from different academic departments (interior architecture, psychology, visual communication design) and research-oriented administrative units (Research Technology Innovation Directorate, İstasyonTEDU and Applied Data Science Center) of our university.

In this study, we are aiming to develop a research design for the development of a data-driven assessment and monitoring framework on/for the EFF, in the axes of intersectionality, inclusion, and accessibility.

In order to present this design and receive feedback on the design, we organized a panel on 'A Research Design on/for the Unimpeded Film Festival (EFF)' at the 2nd Film Festivals Symposium held in Adana on September 15-16.

Click on this link to access the screening program of the Barrier-Free Film Festival, which was held in Eskişehir on October 14-16, 2022 and in Ankara on October 17-23, 2022 and online.

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