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Modelling for a Creative Hub Workshop

Creative hubs from England, Finland, Israel and Turkey came together in the Modelling Workshop at TED University, on 11-13th of November. The workshop organized within the feasibility project aiming to facilitate interdisciplinary co-production within the university, design-oriented and aiming to demonstrate a sustainable ‘interface’ model proposal, funded by Ankara Development Agency. In the three day workshop, project team discussed the ‘interface’ model together with the experts from Turkey and abroad.

Sessions were held on governance and decision-making practices, program development and service design, business model development and financial sustainability, cooperation models, networking and community building, with the participation of experts from Finland Aalto University Design Factory, England Dartington Service Design Lab, Israel Technion University Social Hub, İstanbul Urban Strategy, İzmir Originn and METU Design Factory. At the end of the workshop, where Berivan Eliş, a member of IstasyonTEDU, held a social impact management and measurement session, the experts made presentations on different creative hubs and innovative business models.

November 2019

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