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Peer Ex Program

Euclid Network (EN), of which IstasyonTEDU is also a member, brings together the leaders of social enterprises, non-governmental organizations and support organizations from different countries under the umbrella of PeerEx Program in order to share innovative ideas and practices and strengthen entrepreneurial leadership.

IstasyonTEDU's application to the Euclid Network PeerEx Program in June 2022 was accepted, and IstasyonTEDU was matched with Reach For Change (RfC). RfC is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and operates in 18 countries. It is a social entrepreneurship support organization that empowers social entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions that improve the lives of children and youth. Within the scope of the PeerEx Program two organizations will share their experience and the concrete outputs will be shared as open source.

The Bridges 4 Impact (B4I) Project, funded in the scope of 'PeerEx', started in August 2022 and ended in November 2022. Within the scope of the project, an online workshop was held on October 20, 2022 with the participation of 12 social enterprises working in the field of education from Turkey and the countries where Reach for Change operates. In the workshop, social enterprises discussed their needs in impact measurement and management, the difficulties they encounter while measuring their social impacts, the mechanisms to cope with these difficulties, and the approaches, methods and tools they use to manage their impact and shared their experiences.

As the output of the project, the report named 'Building Bridges for Impact: Social Impact Management in Education Sector' was prepared. The report includes the literature review on social impact measurement and management, the data collected in the research conducted with social enterprises working in the field of education within the scope of the project, the analysis of these data, recommendations for different ecosystem actors and good practices.

The report was published as open source on PeerEx in February 2023.



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