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Social Innovation Training Programme

Social Innovation Training Programme has been designed to develop capacity in the area of social innovation and social entrepreneurship for social benefit oriented actors across different sectors. IstasyonTEDU collaborates with various experts, academicians and practitioners to design, deliver, evaluate and re-design the content.

The modules offered in the programme are:

  • Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship: Concept, Context, Practice

  • Case Studies: Social Innovation/Entrepreneurship Cases from Turkey and the World

  • Social Change Models: Theory of Change and Developing a Social Business Plan

  • Storytelling and Team/Community Building

  • Business Development for Social Entrepreneurs

  • Legal Structures and Regulatory Framework

  • Project Cycle Management

  • Social Impact Measurement: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

  • Social Finance, Funding and Investment

  • Public Sector Innovation

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Design Thinking

  • Community Management

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