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Development of Social Innovation Centre to Strengthen Capacity of Non-Governmental Organizations in Ankara

The project aimed to achieve enhanced capacity and knowledge for social benefit oriented, non-profit social innovation actors/institutions in Ankara and support them to realize their projects/plans. Also fostered a long-term cooperation between expert UK institutions in the field with IstasyonTEDU Center for Social Innovation. The project that was carried out between 7 November 2016 and 20 February 2017 was funded by Bilateral Programme Fund-BFF.

In the scope of the project,

  • tailored training programme were designed

  • study visit to the UK to expert social innovation institutions were made to help develop the content, design and delivery of the training programme in Ankara

  • during the study visit to build partnerships, meetings were organized with leading UK institutions such as Young Foundation, Nesta, UnLtd UK, Social Value UK,

  • training programme was tested with an initial group of 10-12 actual/potential civil society social entrepreneurs

  • indicators for the monitoring and evaluation of the training program were developed

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