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Social Benefit Oriented Internship Program Matches and Pizza Gathering

Within the scope of the Social Benefit-Oriented Internship Program, designed and implemented in collaboration with İstasyonTEDÜ and Yekpare Social Enterprise Association, which aims to bring together TED University students who want to do their internship in a social enterprise and social enterprises depending on the competencies of the student and the needs of the social enterprise, 20 TED University students started their internships in 17 social enterprises. The final stage of the first cycle of the program has been reached, and social enterprise-student pairings continued.

On December 29, 2022, "Pizza Gathering" was held with all TED University students who applied for the Social Benefit Oriented Internship Program, regardless of whether they were matched with a social enterprise or not. At the meeting, students were informed about the opportunities offered on a national and international scale, such as the networks that young people interested in social entrepreneurship and social innovation can get involved in, funding opportunities they may need to bring their ideas to life, training and award programs, and mechanisms where they can get technical support.

After the informative presentation, students shared their experiences about the application, interview and application processes of the program with the IstasyonTEDU team and with each other. In addition, feedback on the content and functioning of the program was received from the students through a menti application. The second cycle of the Internship Program is planned to be improved and continued by taking feedback of students and social enterprises into account.

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