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Social Good Oriented Internship Program Summer Term Completed

The summer term of the Social Good Oriented Internship Program has concluded. The Program aims to bring together TED University undergraduate students in their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years, as well as graduate students, who want to do their internship in a social enterprise, based on the competencies of the student and the needs of the social enterprise. Implemented in collaboration with İstasyonTEDU and Yekpare Social Entrepreneurship Association, the Social Good Oriented Internship Program's Summer Term received applications from 43 social enterprises and 105 TEDU students. Within the program, 24 social enterprises were matched with 51 TED University students and initiated the

internship process. The internship program will continue in the new academic year as well. In the program's first cycle, implemented between October 2022 and January 2023, 21 TEDU students completed their internships in 19 social enterprises. Two of our students who participated in this cycle started working full-time in the social enterprises where they interned after their graduation, thus beginning to develop their careers in the field of social entrepreneurship. You can access the story of the first cycle of the Social Good Oriented Internship Program by clicking on this link. The program's third cycle is planned to be launched in the Spring '24 semester.


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